Energy Saving Tips for Winter

Winter Heating TipsWhen temperatures drop to freezing lows, your homes heating equipment is working its hardest. Midwest Comfort Heating and Cooling® offers the following energy saving tips for winter, in order to help your equipment run more efficiently and as a result help you save money by not wasting energy.

  • One of the easiest heating tips: On sunny days, take advantage of the sun to bring in heat. Adjust blinds so they are open and tilted toward the ceiling—but be sure to close the blinds at sundown.
  • Set your ceiling fan in the reverse position, on low.   Your fan should be set on “reverse,” which means the blades are rotating clockwise.  There is a switch on the base where you can control this.  By moving your fan setting to the reverse position, when radiant heat enters your home from the windows aimed upward, the fan will help circulate warm air all around the room.
  • Wetness Equals Warmth: Homes become dried-out in the wintertime. During cold weather, increased use of your furnace causes the home and its interior air to become dryer than usual.  A humidifier can help add needed moisture to your home during the wintertime.
  • Humidifiers can also improve health issues like dry sinuses, while saving energy.  Since moist air holds heat, you may feel more comfortable and lower your normal heat setting due to the increased comfort.
  • Make sure to maintain your humidifier properly.  Whether it is a portable or whole-house humidifier, consult the manufacturer’s instructions for care.  However, in general, clean or replace the filters regularly and wash the base and reservoir.
  • Fireplaces can waste a lot of energy, as they pull warm air out of the house through the chimney. Make sure the damper is closed when you’re not using your fireplace. Installing glass doors can also help keep heat in your home when the fireplace is not in use.
  • Don’t lose heated air through exhaust fans. Use them sparingly and turn them off when not in use during colder weather as they pull heated air out of your house.
  • Exhaust fans can also cause negative pressure inside your home that can lead to back drafts from your fireplace and can cause drafts through the walls, windows and un-insulated outlets in your home.
  • The best energy saving tip for winter is to make sure your system is maintained year-round. Having heating equipment serviced by Midwest Comfort Heating and Cooling at least once a year could reduce your heating bill and prevent costly repairs and replacements in the future.

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