Why Is Proper Humidity Important?

Dry air can cause nose, throat, and other physical aggravations. It can increase your likelihood of getting colds, flu and other upper respiratory ailments. Viruses that cause colds and flu thrive in low humidity.

Dry air caused by low humidity can make you feel too cold at normal temperatures leading you to turn up the thermostat. This in turn, leads to higher energy bills. Dry air also causes annoying static shocks, which can also ruin electronic devices in the home.

Heated air dries out and shrinks wood framing around doors and window frames. Gaps occur, permitting cold outside air infiltration, resulting in heat loss and higher heating costs. Heated, dry air causes separation of wood in floors, trim and furniture and can cause wall and ceiling cracks.

At the recommended indoor relative humidity, you will feel warmer at lower temperatures (just as you feel hotter in humid weather).

Aprilaire Whole-Home Humidifiers deliver the perfect amount of humidity…

Don’t suffer another winter in a dry home. Aprilaire Whole-home Humidifier installations by Midwest Comfort Heating & Cooling alleviate problems associated with dryness. Models available to fit any and all applications.

The Aprilaire Model 500 Humidifier is a whole-home solution that helps you achieve total comfort through humidity control.

The Model 600 Bypass Humidifier is the bypass humidifier of choice due to its large capacity and computer-equipped control. It’s the best performing bypass humidifier on the market and an excellent choice for heat pump applications!

The Model 700 Power Humidifier features truly automatic control, so there’s no need to ever manually adjust it. It is our highest capacity, top of the line unit; designed with ease of service in mind, and it’s virtually maintenance-free!

Our Humidifier Installations include a shut-off valve for the water hook-up, humidistat control, installation and operating instructions, care and maintenance guidelines.

For Best Performance – Change Water Panels Annually!

As a licensed Heating & Air Conditioning Contractor, Midwest Comfort Heating & Cooling provides high quality, professional whole-home humidifier installations, whole-home humidifier replacements, whole-home humidifier repairs, whole-home humidifier maintenance, and related services for the greater Cook County; including Mt. Prospect, Des Plaines, South Barrington.

Humidifier = Winter Indoor Air Quality

The cold winter months in Mt Prospect mean we are spending more of our time indoors. Indoor air quality is important when spending much of the winter indoors. The two components of indoor air quality during the winter months are air filtration and indoor humidity levels. Air filtration is provided by your furnace filter. There are many different filter options. These range from the standard 1? disposable filter you buy at a local hardware store to an electronic air cleaner. The other main component, indoor humidity, can be provided by a portable humidifier or a whole-home humidifier.

Whole-Home Humidifier

A whole-home humidifier is installed on or near the home’s furnace. Humidified air is circulated by the duct system throughout the home. This provides one of the key advantages over a portable humidifier. Portables can only add humidity to the room that they are operating in. This leaves the rest of the house with the problematic dry air.

Symptoms of Low Winter Humidity

The combination of cool, outdoor air and heated indoor air means many homeowners suffer the ill effects of dry air. Low humidity in the home has serious adverse effects on comfort, health and the home itself.


Low relative humidity can make you more susceptible to catching a cold or flu viruses. Chronic asthma is also aggravated by cold, dry air.


Static shock, itchy eyes, dry skin and sore throat can all be symptoms of air that is too dry.


Additionally, dry air can also create costly damage to a home by causing hardwood floors, walls and molding to crack.

Energy Savings

Dry air can impact energy bills, as well. People feel colder in drier air so they overheat their homes, wasting energy.

Dry Indoor Winter Air Solution

An Aprilaire whole-home humidifier installed by the Indoor Air Quality Specialists at Midwest Comfort Heating & Cooling can help alleviate problematic dry indoor winter air.