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Improve the air quality in your home with professional duct solutions from the local experts at Midwest Comfort Heating & Cooling. Indoor air quality is significantly influenced by your duct system. If your ductwork is suffering from poor insulation or leaks, you will likely have trouble maintaining comfortable indoor temperatures and experience issues with mold in the ductwork and high energy bills during the heating and cooling seasons.

If you suspect a problem with your ductwork, don’t hesitate to contact our Arlington Heights, Illinois HVAC company for air duct solutions you can trust. We will take the time to assess your needs and present you with the best options for your home.

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What Causes Air Duct Problems?

Customers who come to us with duct problems often have issues involving discrepancies in temperature, poor air quality, and high energy bills. Duct issues are typically caused by inadequate insulation, leaks in the system, and airflow imbalances. Our experts will inspect your system to detect the source of the problem and discuss the best solution based on your particular needs.

Poor insulation: Poorly insulated ductwork will develop condensation, which can cause mold growth or rust. Lack of insulation can also result in inefficient heating and cooling and rising energy costs.

Leaks in the ductwork: The typical residential property loses up to a third of indoor air to leaking ductwork. This will put additional strain on your AC and heating system, causing them to work harder in order to maintain desired indoor temperatures–eventually leading to recurring HVAC problems and system failure.

Airflow imbalance: If there are open seams in your duct system, or if your ductwork is poorly sized or was poorly installed, this can cause imbalances in airflow.

Airflow Testing

Having trouble maintaining consistent indoor temperatures? Are certain rooms in your home not getting enough warm or cool air? Our experts can help you identify the cause of the problem with professional airflow testing. This involves performing a static pressure test to pinpoint the affected area in your duct system. Once we have confirmed the source of the problem, we will go over your options for air duct repair.

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At Midwest Comfort Heating & Cooling we are committed to providing personalized solutions and ensuring your peace of mind with every HVAC service call. Whether you need help with air duct repair or replacement, or you need us to take a look at another aspect of your HVAC system, you can rely on our experts to deliver the quality service and long-term comfort you deserve.

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